Houseway agency service
Reason why Luxe is chosen

Lux is Airbnb · private residence operation agency service. The target area is Fukuoka city. Since Lux has adopted profit performance principle, the deficit month can receive management agency service free of real management fee free. The management staff consists of staff with experienced nightly host experience, you can receive proposals for management tailored to the trends and from leaving listings to creating access guides and manuals. In addition, Lux has also provided the cleaning service from the lowest level of 3,500 yen in the industry, and if you leave it both for operation and cleaning, emergency response is free, special period such as Bon Festival and New Year’s Day is also a usual substitute expenses The point that you can ask with is charm. After cleaning, we will also report cleaning completion with photos, so we have a system that allows you to trust cleaning with peace of mind. It is used for many nightly hosts after starting the service, and it is recommended service for everyone from beginners of private residence operation to those who have used agency company.

Fully compatible with Airbnb and other major OTA sites

Of course, as well as Airbnb, the biggest-stay site’s largest, Flipkey belonging to the Trip Affiliate, HomeAway of the Expedia Group, agoda of the online travel reservation giant, and large fish, unlimited guests, residents who are highly attracted by Chinese and Taiwanese tourists It is possible to post to the house of the hundred, home. We will also attract guests utilizing, Rakuten Travel as well as the Ryokan Industry Law / Special Zone accommodation accommodation property.

Support system to enhance guest satisfaction

“Access Guide” (Japanese · English · Chinese · Korean) to get to the property without hesitation · “House manual” (UK · middle) to realize a comfortable stay of guests, installation of original note-writing tool to prevent troubles etc. , Maximize guest satisfaction with a thorough support system.

Free investment profit simulation

Based on data gathered and analyzed by Airbnb posting information throughout Japan through its own crawling technology, we create a profit simulation by private residential operation free of charge and give advice including inconvenient direction of private residential operation and assumed income, other means of operation I will.

About rental
Weekly room shop Necessary furniture at home stay, home appliance rental


What you can do with Luxe,
Flow to the start of rental

Various plans from one room to family are prepared. Coordinate furniture and interior to vacancy and model house. The shortest one week from inquiry to installation! By renting the furniture, we cut greatly the cost and time it took. We will be able to focus more attention on customer service and guidance. We will not only increase the number of customers, we will also help you increase yield.

  • 1.ヒアリング


  • 2.プラン提案

    Proposal plan

  • 3.ご契約


  • 4.家具設置

    Furniture installation

  • 5.撤去


Luxe Benefits of choosing Luxe ※Common Plan

  • 1

    Total coordination including all plan, small plant, plant, lighting etc

  • 2

    Even safe at breakage by any chance! With insurance until the end of rental.

  • 3

    Provide free photos when installed! It corresponds also to customers’ request for buying furniture.

Rental fee plan / month * Perform field survey and estimate and plan.

  •   LDK+bathroom / 30,000円~

  • 2LDK+bathroom / 45,000円~

  • 4LDK+bathroom / 60,000円~